Landscape Design

landscape_example_photo_designListening is the foundation of our design process. Our meetings provide an opportunity for you to convey to our landscape designer your landscape ideas and vision of your outdoor spaces including how you intend to use them, the number of people typically using them, color preferences and other pertinent information.

After performing a detailed site analysis, we take this information and develop several design schemes that are congruous with your vision. We also believe that it may be appropriate to challenge you to think “outside the box.”

The drawings we provide reflect our best ideas for your landscape design, considering your architectural style, needs, and budget. We will incorporate all applicable elements into your unique design – masonry, plantings, lighting, ornamentation, specialty elements – as well as those elements that provide a strong foundation – grading and drainage. The end result of the design process is a detailed plan and bid that will enable us to create the outdoor spaces that you desire.

We also have 3D design capabilities that allow us to illustrate your proposed landscape in realistic 3D screenshots and virtual walkthroughs!

From intimate garden spaces where every inch counts to expansive spaces, we draw upon a wealth of design experience to design and install the perfect spaces to fit your needs.

Browse our portfolio examples of how The Secret Garden can design landscape structures and elements for your project.